Drawer racking

The drawer racking is majorly used for all types of mold. The molds can be assembled with the help of manual movable carriage. This manual movable carriage is placed on the top. The manual movable carriage can be used for easily accumulating and taking the goods. The drawer racking is equipped with the idler wheel-rail. The idler wheel rail is placed at the bottom of the drawer rack. Moreover, the panel of the drawers can be easily pulled while carrying. The entire drawer rack consists of different sections. The drawer racks are very convenient for transporting. Along with this, the assembly of these racks is very fast and simple. The drawer racking is also known as mold racking. Drawer racks are very useful as the goods which are stored in the drawers can be accessed easily with one move. When we pull the drawer, we can see all the goods.

We design the drawer racks according to the requirements of the customers.
• The design of the racks is designed according to the demand of the customers.
• The load capacity of the rack is 500-3000Kg per layer.
• The product has a powder-coated surface.
• The color of the rack is decided by the customers.
• The product has a good appearance.
• The product is of high quality.

• The complete design service will be provided by us.
• The drawing will be confirmed by the customers for sure.

• The product comes with a warranty period of one year.
• If there are any defects in the quality of the product, then the supplier would be responsible for covering the losses.
• In case of any damages, the customers can contact the supplier. The supplier will solve all the issues. Moreover, the supplier will instruct the customers for repairing the damaged products.

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    Drawer Racking

    Drawer Racking

    It is mainly used for storage of all kinds of mould, which could be assembled with manual movable

    carriage on the top so as to easily accumulating and taking the goods. The drawer type rack was equipped

    with idler wheel rail on the bottom and the drawer panel could be freely pulled when carrying. The entire rack

    is section construction, convenient for transporting, and the assembly is simple and fast.