Medium shelving racking

Medium shelving racks are also known as medium-duty racks. Medium shelving racks are known as the perfect choice for industrial applications as well as for warehouse applications. Medium shelving racks are supposed to store different capacities of the load. As the medium shelving racks can store different capacities of load, it has different types of load panels. Each level can store approximately 300-500 kilograms of load. The surface of the product is powder-coated.


Here are the specifications of the medium-duty rack A which is also known as the long span shelf rack. These specifications of the medium shelving rack can also be counted as the advantages of the product. They are listed below–>
• Medium shelving racks can be used in all the industries in any pattern.
• It can be used as a single rack or can be joined with the other racks.
• The user can adjust the depth of the uprights according to their requirements.
• The product comes with the sectional structure which doesn’t have any bolts in it.
• The product has a simple structure and has a nice appearance.
• The product is easier to disassemble and install as well.
• The pitch of the height of each layer can be adjusted by 50mm.
• The maximum load which can be stored by the product is 400Kg.
• The surface of the product is made of plastic spraying.
• The product is suitable for a storehouse, supermarket, etc.


The medium shelving racks come in different sizes with different load capacities. They are listed below:
1. 1200X470mm (300Kg)
2. 1200X600mm (300Kg)
3. 1200X720mm (300Kg)
4. 1500X470mm (250Kg)
5. 1500X600mm (250Kg)
6. 1500X720mm (250Kg)
7. 1800X470mm (200Kg)
8. 1800X600mm (200Kg)
9. 1800X720mm (200Kg)

Here is the height in which the product comes–>
1. 1.5m
2. 1.8m
3. 2.1m
4. 2.4m

  • Medium Duty Rack A

    Medium Duty Rack A also calls long span shelf rack

    1. Sectional structure without any bolt;

    2. Nice appearance with simple structure;

    3. Easy to install & disassemble;

    4. Pitch in 50mm to be adjusted per layer height;

    5. The max loading capacity per each layer will be 400kgs;

    6. Surface will be treated by plastic spraying and finish baking to pre-rust;

    7. It is suitable for super market and storehouse etc.




  • Medium Duty Rack B

    Medium Duty Rack B

    1. Luxurious and elegant;

    2. Optimizes warehouse space;

    3. The layer can be steel plate,

    4. Wood board or galvanized panel;

    5. The height can be adjusted easily by 50mm per a pitch;

    6. Easy to assemble without any screw thread connectors