Mobile rack

Mobile racking system can be used in many homes and workplaces to store a large variety of items in a very organized manner. The mobile racking systems are usually placed on rollers or wheels for better portability. They are categorized into three types namely:

Electrically powered; Mobile racking systems that are electrically powered can be operated with the help of just one button.

Mechanically assisted; The mechanically assisted racking systems make use of multi-ratio geared hand wheels. The wheels are usually mounted on the shelves thus making it easy and convenient to move heavy loads.

Manually operated; Mobile racks that are manually operated are usually pushed and pulled through the help of handles.

Mobile racking systems help to store important documents, folders and archives so as to achieve boxes in a very systematic and orderly manner. This makes the retrieval of the documents very easy and convenient. Mobile racking system is very essential whenever you need a place to keep your important documents.

Powered mobile racking

Powered mobile racking is an electrically powered racking storage bank that involves a frame motor base with wheels that move along the floor rails with a press of a button or remote control. Each of the racking remains compacted and they are opened through creating an aisle space between each of the racking blocks.

When to use;
• Powered mobile racking should be used whenever you have limited space.
• When access to certain racking load is minimal.
• It is ideal for perishable goods that require cold storage.


• It provides more storage space due to there being fewer aisles which can be moved.
• It requires very little space
• It utilizes up to 90% of the storage space thus maximizing the space for high land cost such as cold or freezer stores.

  • Movable Archive Shelf

    Archive Shelf

    The wheels under the rack enable the rack to move.

    This type of racking is suitable for warehouses that

    have various kinds of goods which come and go frequently

    in the order of passages. Because only one working passage

    is needed, space using efficiency can be raised. It is widely

    used in archives, hospitals, banks, ect.