Pallets (steel/plastic)

Pallet flow racks also known as first in, first out dynamic storage system enables one achieve high density storage. Pallet flow storage basically maximizes actual storage space while minimizing aisles. The flow systems are designed to hold up to 20 pallets deep in one lane and allow for quick and efficient inventory turnover.

Customization is very important such that effective pallet flow racking system as well as manufacturers provide the different types of rollers that serve diverse applications. Some of the manufacturers also customize their pallet flow rack system with pallets steel plastic and speed controller capacities which are uniquely designed for user’s product weight ranges.

How they function

Pallet flow rack system operate through a mechanism where the pallets are loaded from the loading aisle into the storage lane through gravity towards the discharge aisle. The pallets are usually placed on the rollers that allow them to flow towards the front of the rack system. Once they have glided to the front of the system the pallets are laid to rest on the pallet stops until they are unloaded from the pick face.

As the pallets are removed or unloaded from the system each of the pallets that was behind is rolled forward one position. The process happens continuously until the lane is empty. The speed of the pallet is controlled by the type of rollers as well as the brakes that are engineered into the braking system.


They save a lot of space due to the high-density storage. they are customizable which means that they can be tailor made to suit any design. They are very fast giving access to every product in the warehouse. They are also user friendly and very reliable with very minimal maintenance required.

  • Galvanizing Steel Pallet

    Galvanizing Steel Pallet

    1. High quality steel materials, so it’s stable, durable.
    2. Beautiful outline and long life cycle.
    3. Steel pallet is convenient for goods storing and proper for forkman.
    4. It can be customized according to the load capacity and size.
    5. Steel pallets are widely used in various fields like machinery, chemical, medicine, textile, foods and logistics.
    6. Surface: Powder coated or galvanization.


  • Plastic Pallet

    Plastic Pallet

    Plastic pallets are pallets made of a variety of plastics both virgin and recycled materials.Plastic pallets are often chosen over traditional wood pallets because they offer benefits which wood can not. Some benefits over wood include the ability to easily sanitize plastic pallets, resistance to odor, longer service life span, and lighter weight, thus saving transportation and labor costs.


  • Steel Pallet

    Steel Pallet

    Continuous research and development activities allow us to offer a spectrum of steel pallets according to the specifications of our customers. All our pallets are appreciated for their attributes of durability, corrosion resistance and simple usage. Different type of steel pallet available for us.