Stacking rack

Stack racks are used buffer or hold materials during downtimes as well as during periods of when they are being transported or used. They happen due to numerous reasons such as long-term transportation or storage that is designed to allow the build up of stock. The materials are generally stacked on pallets, racks or shelves in an orderly fashion awaiting transportation. Some of the stacking equipment’s include; racks, pallet racks, drive-in racks, sliding racks and push-back racks.

Stack tracks are basically storage containers that feature a pallet and four vertical slide posts. They are sometimes referred to as stackers, stackable containers or stack pallets and are usually made of plastic, wood or metal. The racks pallet and posts are often coated with a resilient powder-based paint that looks to keep its luster over the course of years.

They are very unique since each side of the stacking rack can be removed completely or folded. It all depends on your needs as the ability to remove stack tracks upright can be very useful incase you are transporting the containers to different areas in the factory.

Just in case you are not able to find stack tracks that are able to meet your needs then the storage containers are also available in all sizes. They can be designed to have rigid or collapsible posts. Collapsible posts are very important incase you plan on stacking the pallets on top of each other.

Benefits of using stack rack

One of the greatest benefits of stack racks is the fact that these containers are extremely lightweight and portable. This is why they are often pushed together so that objects that are irregularly placed can be organized and displayed properly. In addition, the racks can be stacked up to 10 units high thus allowing them to maximize on storage space.

  • Stacking Frame Rack

    Stacking frame rack/ rack pallet / storage racks
    1. Can loading from 500 to 2000 kgs
    2. Size is flexible
    3. The height can be adjusted
    4. All colors are ok