Stainless steel rack

There exists a wide variety of commercial and industrial businesses that have to rely on refrigeration of volatile and perishable items. Regardless of whether you make use of a cool room for storing fresh fruits, flowers or pharmaceuticals just the mere idea of piling all your goods is not ideal. Robust racks and shelves are very ideal for keeping them refrigerated goods properly organized and maintenance of proper airflow around them.

The racks and shelves can be made of any material however stainless-steel rack is considered to be the best material. Fabricators of stainless steel have done a great job in designing as well as crafting of custom racks and shelve units for commercial rooms.


Durability – stainless steel is an incredible robust material that is able to withstand significant impacts without decking or buckling. This makes them very useful especially if you are using forklifts as well as other equipment’s to store and organize goods in a cool room. This is particularly important since even a minute knock on a forklift can cause significant damage to racks which are made of materials that are less robust. In addition, they are immune rust and rot. Refrigeration equipment’s more often than not keep temperatures cool and this creates a significant amount of airborne humidity that can cause corrosion in racks that are made of conventional materials.

Load-bearing strength

Stainless steel is also a strong and tough material where racks that are made of stainless steel are capable of holding several tons of goods safely. This makes them an excellent choice for cool rooms since they can be used to store heavier items especially when compared to the weaker aluminum racks and shelves.

Other benefits that are associated with stainless steel racks include low maintenance and easy sanitation.

  • Stainless Steel Medical Instrument

    Stainless Steel Medical Instrument

    1. Simple structure,any size available
    2. SS201/ 304 material
    3. Load capacity: 50-200kgs/layer
    4. With castors or without castors

    Sales service:
    1. We offer complete design service.
    2. Confirming the drawing with customer.
    After sales service:
    1.The warranty period is one year (starting from the date of order).
    Any defect in quality, the Supplier shall cover the corresponding losses.
    2. For the defects caused the willful damage or negligence use of equipment,
    the Supplier shall instruct the user to repair it.