Tunnel racking


• Tunnel racking is a storage system with high-density.
• Pallets of the size 1200X1000 or 1200X800 are moved inside the tunnel racks.
• The product comes with a car satellite, which is remote controlled. The satellite is equipped with photocells.
• Moreover, the car satellite has two batteries. These batteries are removable so that they can be charged.
• For placing the pallets inside the tunnel racks, traditional trucks are used.
• Goods can be placed inside the tunnel racks either according to first in first out or by last in first out.
• The tunnel racks can get integrated with a warehouse management system (WWS).
Tunnel racks have many applications. They are generally used for storing food and beverages, e-commerce, grocery as well as for cold storage.

• The CAD design service will be provided by us which would be free of cost for sure.
• Customers will also get technical support.

If you want a quick quotation, then you need to provide the below-mentioned details–>
• Drawing of the racks. This is optional. You can give drawings if available.
• Dimensions of the warehouse in millimeters.
• Dimensions of the pallets along with the loading weight.
• The number of bays as well as layers you want in the rack.
• Color of the rack.

• The complete design service will be provided by us.
• The drawing will be confirmed by the customers for sure.

• The product comes with a warranty period of one year.
• If there are any defects in the quality of the product, then the supplier would be responsible for covering the losses.
• In case of any damages, the customers can contact the supplier. The supplier will solve all the issues. Moreover, the supplier will instruct the customers for repairing the damaged products.

  • Tunnel Racking


    Tunnel Racking

    Storage system in which high-density, 1200×800 or 1200×1000 pallets are moved inside tunnels,

    a car satellite remote-controlled and equipped with photocells for the position under the pallet.
    The car satellite is powered by two sets of removable batteries so that they can be recharged without stopping.
    The movement of the pallet to the entrance of each tunnel is made by traditional truck. The second storage system can be FIFO or LIFO.
    Ability to integrate WMS (warehouse management software).