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  • Medium Duty Rack B

    Medium Duty Rack B

    1. Luxurious and elegant;

    2. Optimizes warehouse space;

    3. The layer can be steel plate,

    4. Wood board or galvanized panel;

    5. The height can be adjusted easily by 50mm per a pitch;

    6. Easy to assemble without any screw thread connectors


  • Wire Shelving

    Wire Shelving is a kind of light duty racks, it can be used in light industry.

    1. Surface: powder coated, Galvanization, Chroming etc.
    2. Load capacity: 50-250kgs
    3. Removable , addition and subtraction layers
    4. Beautiful surface
    5. Carton packing
    6. Lead time: 5-10 days
    7. Support customization