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    Drawer Racking

    Drawer Racking

    It is mainly used for storage of all kinds of mould, which could be assembled with manual movable

    carriage on the top so as to easily accumulating and taking the goods. The drawer type rack was equipped

    with idler wheel rail on the bottom and the drawer panel could be freely pulled when carrying. The entire rack

    is section construction, convenient for transporting, and the assembly is simple and fast.


  • Medium Duty Rack A

    Medium Duty Rack A also calls long span shelf rack

    1. Sectional structure without any bolt;

    2. Nice appearance with simple structure;

    3. Easy to install & disassemble;

    4. Pitch in 50mm to be adjusted per layer height;

    5. The max loading capacity per each layer will be 400kgs;

    6. Surface will be treated by plastic spraying and finish baking to pre-rust;

    7. It is suitable for super market and storehouse etc.