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  • Rivet shelving

    Rivet rack is a kind of light duty racks and it is popular in America.

    Rivet shelving angle post has a standard specification and we can

    manufacture to individual customers height requests. Standard

    angle post and heavy-duty. Heavy duty Boltless Rivet Shelving Racking

    1.5 mm thick graded steel unlike most of our competitors long lasting

    high gloss blue & orange powder coated finish frames 4 uprights 40mm

    wide in the front each upright one piece 15mm Chipboard Shelve 2extra

    shelf supports per level shelf levels adjust every 40 mm tested&certified

    to European manufacturing and safety standards easy to assemble tap

    together with rubber mallet high grade European steel with 4 x 15 mm

    chipboard shelves supplied with plastic feet. The strongest shelving we

    provide and ranges in capacities from 280kg to 650kg. All bays have a

    boltless 2mm thick steel structure and just requires and mallet for easily

    assembly. With outstanding durability, our rivet shelving is perfect for

    stockroom, factory and warehouse storage. These 1830mm wide Blue&

    Orange shelving bays require no stability bracing and comes with high

    density 15mm chipboard shelves that can hold up to 420kg per shelf.

    Assembly is simple, all you need is a heavy duty rubber mallet which is

    sold separately.



  • Drive-in Pallet RackingDrive-in Pallet Racking

    Drive-in Pallet Racking

    Drive-in Pallet Racking

    Usually consist of upright frame, top tie beam, bracing, support arm, support arm rail etc. Support arm rail is punched and roll formed, so it has the character of long inertial distance/strong load capacity /beautiful appearance. Combines the speed of throughput and access to individual pallets of Adjustable Pallet Racking but with increased use of the cubic space available. Another kind of sectional and assembled type of goods racks, also need the help of forklift to store or withdraw the goods, used for big batch but few kinds goods storing;More than 85% of storehouse will be utilized, enabling parts of goods preferential entering and withdrawing;Loading capacity: 800-2000kgs per each layer;It is suitable to storage goods of few varieties by great quantity. Fork lifter will be available on the passage of each row;Storage will be “first in-first out” or “first in-last out”