Wire Shelving

Wire Shelving is a kind of light duty racks, it can be used in light industry.

  1. Surface: powder coated, Galvanization, Chroming etc.
  2. Load capacity: 50-250kgs
  3. Removable , addition and subtraction layers
  4. Beautiful surface
  5. Carton packing
  6. Lead time: 5-10 days
  7. Support customization
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Wire Shelving

It adopts multiple-nickel&chrome plating with 250 kg maximum loading capacity for each single shelf.

The advanced surface treatment makes wire shelving with superior anti-corrosion and rust.

Cones on each shelf, which are cleaner&more convent, avoid dust accumulation.

Wire shelving size inches (width*length) 
12″x14″ 14″x14″
12″x18″ 14″x18″ 18″x18″
12″x21″ 14″x21″ 18″x21″ 21″x21″
12″x24″ 14″x24″ 18″x24″ 21″x24″ 24″x24″
12″x30″ 14″x30″ 18″x30″ 21″x30″ 24″x30″ 30″x30″
12″x36″ 14″x36″ 18″x36″ 21″x36″ 24″x36″ 30″x36″ 36″x36″
12″x42″ 14″x42″ 18″x42″ 21″x42″ 24″x42″ 30″x42″ 36″x42″
12″x48″ 14″x48″ 18″x48″ 21″x48″ 24″x48″ 30″x48″ 36″x48″
12″x54″ 14″x54″ 18″x54″ 21″x54″ 24″x54″ 30″x54″ 36″x54″
12″x60″ 14″x60″ 18″x60″ 21″x60″ 24″x60″ 30″x60″ 36″x60″
12″x72″ 14″x72″ 18″x72″ 21″x72″ 24″x72″ 30″x72″ 36″x72″
Available posts: Dia 25.4 x thinkness 1.5/1.2;  Dia 19.1 x thinkness 1.5/1.2;  Dia 12.7 x thinkness 1.2/1.0
Surface: Epoxy/Chrome/Galvanization/Stainless steel 



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