Drive-in Racking for cold room

Drive-in Racking for cold room

Drive-in Racking is very suit for cold room, even in -30 degree. Usually consist of upright frame, top tie beam, bracing, support arm, support arm rail etc. Support arm rail is punched and roll formed, so it has the character of long inertial distance/strong load capacity /beautiful appearance. Combines the speed of throughput and access to individual pallets of Adjustable Pallet Racking but with increased use of the cubic space available. Another kind of sectional and assembled type of goods racks, also need the help of forklift to store or withdraw the goods, used for big batch but few kinds goods storing;More than 85% of storehouse will be utilized, enabling parts of goods preferential entering and withdrawing;Loading capacity: 800-2000kgs per each layer;It is suitable to storage goods of few varieties by great quantity. Fork lifter will be available on the passage of each row;Storage will be “first in-first out” or “first in-last out”.


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Drive-in Racking for cold room

Heavy Duty Drive In Rack-Drive through racking
Drive In pallet rack is a highly specialized type of pallet rack meant for high density storage.

The application for drive in pallet racks is multiple pallets of the same item (SKU) where pallet

selectivity or time sensitivity is not an issue. Drive In pallet rack is named such because the lift

truck actually enters, or drives into, the rack structure. The rack structure is specifically design

to accept your lift trucks as well your product to be stored.

1) Very high utility ratio of the warehouse, Maximum use of available space
2) Goods can “first in – first out” or “first in – last out”
3) Structural steel construction for durability
4) Pallet positions configure from 2 to 5 deep and 2 to 5 high deal for roofing
5) Finish: Powder coating.

Sales service

1. We offer complete design service.
2. Confirming the drawing with customer.

After sales service

1. The warranty period is one year (starting from the date of order).
Any defect in quality, the Supplier shall cover the corresponding losses.
2. For the defects caused the willful damage or negligence use of equipment,
the Supplier shall instruct the user to repair it.


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