Epoxy Powder Coating

Epoxy Powder Coating

Epoxy powder coating

Type A – 200°C (work piece temperature), 15 minutes (flat or Matt)
Type B -180°C (work piece temperature), 15 minutes (highlight)
Type C -140°C (work piece temperature), 15 minutes (highlight)

Brief description:

Epoxy, hybrid, polyurethane and other systems, suitable for indoor and outdoor complex textures of fine textured powder coatings.


1, Colorful or quaint

2,  Can mask substrate defects

3, In the case of stable coating equipment and process, the flower form is uniform and stable, and the reproducibility is good.


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• Epoxy powder coating is a series of epoxy based powder coating designed to give optimum mechanical properties and

exceptional protective qualities on components and fabrications where long term exposure to ultra violet light or exterior

weathering is not anticipated.

• This series are available in a wide range of colors with different gloss and texture.


• Excellent corrosion protection;

• Excellent  chemical resistance;

• High mechanical performance ;

• Suitable for interior use.


• Chemistry: Epoxy

• Particle size: Suitable for electrostatic spraying

• Specific gravity: 1.2-1.8g/cm3 up to colors

• Curing schedule(object temp.): 160℃-180℃/10-15minutes;200℃/5-10minutes;

• Storage: Dry ventilation conditions below 30℃


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