Polyurethane powder coating

Polyurethane powder coating


Brief description:

Epoxy, hybrid, polyurethane and other systems, suitable for indoor and outdoor complex textures of fine textured powder coatings.


1, Colorful or quaint

2,  Can mask substrate defects

3, In the case of stable coating equipment and process, the flower form is uniform and stable, and the reproducibility is good.

Mainly used for: Furniture Shelf Iron Hardware Fitness Equipment Lamps Security Doors Safes Leisure Facilities Industrial Equipment.


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Polyurethane powder coating

• “Polyester-TGIC” is a series of polyester based powder coatings with the use of TGIC.

• Designed for exterior or interior use.

•  Offering excellent light and weatherability from a single coat finish on a variety of substrates.

• This series are available in a wide range of colors with different gloss and texture.


Test Item

Test standard and Method

Test index
Impact resistance GB/T 1732 -1993 ISO6272 50kg·cm
Adhension(cross-cut) GB/T 9286 – 1998 ISO2409 Class 0
Flexibility GB/T 6742-1986 ISO1519 2mm
Pencil hardness GB/T 6739-1996 ISO2815 1H-2H
Cupping test GB/T 9753-1988 ISO1520 6mm
Salt spray resistance GB/T 1771-1991 ISO7253 >500 Hours
Heat & humidity resistance GB/T 1740-1979 ISO6270 >500 Hours,film gloss slightly lose
Note: 1. Above test are using 0.30mm thickness degreased, rust removed cold rolling steel plate, film thickness is 60-80um.

2. Film performance may slightly decrease with gloss decrease.

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