Roller racking

Roller Track racks

Roller rack can dramatically improve warehouse efficiency by organizing

product and rotating stock automatically. Long, straight, dedicated lanes

maintain product organization and keep labor costs down. Storage space

can be increased up to 60% by using a minimum of 22% less floor space,

thereby keeping building costs down. Typically, Carton Flow systems use

about half the floor space that standard pallet rack occupies and the difference

can be more dramatic with multi-level systems . The simplicity of gravity driven

systems requires less capital than maintenance-prone automated systems.



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Roller racking 

We can offer CAD design service for customer for free charge and give customer technical support

Kindly provide information for quick quotation

– Drawing of racking (if available)

– Dimension of your warehouse (Length x Width x Clear height mm)

– Goods Size (W*D*H) & loading weight 

How many layers and bays

The color you want

Sales service:

1. We offer complete design service.

2. Confirming the drawing with customer.

After sales service:

1.The warranty period is one year (starting from the date of order).

Any defect in quality, the Supplier shall cover the corresponding losses.

2. For the defects caused the willful damage or negligence use of equipment,

the Supplier shall instruct the user to repair it. 

S/N Tube dia.*wall thk*axis dia. Photo Frame form Load capacity Length
1  ¢25*1.0*¢8
60*30*2.5 14-57kgs 90-690mm
2  ¢38*1.5*¢12 60*30*2.5 35-80kgs 90-690mm
3  ¢50*1.5*¢12 90*30*3 40-160kgs 90-690mm
4  ¢57*1.5*¢12 90*30*3 60-180kgs 90-690mm
5  ¢60*2.0*¢12 90*30*3 72-280kgs 90-690mm
6  ¢60*2.5*¢15 90*30*3 93-376kgs 90-690mm
7  ¢76*3.0*¢20 100*50*4 380-550kgs 90-1090mm
8  ¢89*4.0*¢20 100*50*4 500-700kgs 90-1090mm

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