Steel Mezzanine Racking

Steel Mezzanine Racking

Steel Mezzanine Racking

The mezzanine racking systems use the pole of shelf as the supporting of the floor, there will be 2 levels or 3 levels;

It is suitable for the high warehouse to store light & small goods with great quantity Manual picking It will utilize the

height space of the whole warehouse adequately The max loading capacity per square meter will be 1000kgs at least.

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Mezzanines are free standing, not connected to the building except at the floor.

Because they are not permanent parts of the building, they can be covered by different

(re: Easier) sections of the building code. Mezzanines are considered capital equipment and

may qualify for an accelerated tax write off.

Design considerations start with the available overhead space. What is clear dimension floor

to obstructions: Lights, sprinklers, heaters and building structural steel? Generally speaking,

you will need 18′ clear height to efficiently use a mezzanine. Next we will look at how the mezzanine

will be used. What are you putting on it? Will it be accessed often or rarely? Will people be working

on it daily? Do you want to use rolling equipment on it? These answers will help choose the right “deck”

(flooring) and the capacity required.


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