Tyre/auto parts rack


As we can understand from the name of the shelving, auto parts shelving is used for storing auto parts. The auto parts shelving comes in different types. These shelves come with frame racks, mezzanine, tire racks, and shelf racks. Auto parts shelving would be the perfect option for car factories as well as auto shops.


At present, tire/auto racking is being widely used. Tire racks are a type of auto shelf this means it has automatic handing. This feature saves the precious time of the employees. Tire racks make the retrieval and storage of the goods easier. The tire racks have compact storage. Moreover, these racks make the accessing of the goods faster. Along with the fast access time, these shelves are also versatile.
• The CAD design service will be provided by us which would be free of cost for sure.
• Customers will also get technical support.


If you want a quick quotation, then you need to provide the below-mentioned details–>
• Drawing of the racks. This is optional. You can give drawings if available.
• Dimensions of the warehouse in millimeters.
• Dimensions of the pallets along with the loading weight.
• The number of bays as well as layers you want in the rack.
• Color of the rack.


• The complete design service will be provided by us.
• The drawing will be confirmed by the customers for sure.


• The product comes with a warranty period of one year.
• If there are any defects in the quality of the product, then the supplier would be responsible for covering the losses.
• In case of any damages, the customers can contact the supplier. The supplier will solve all the issues. Moreover, the supplier will instruct the customers for repairing the damaged products.

  • Auto Parts Shelving

    Auto Parts Shelving have many types, and they are designed and customized for auto parts.

    It has Tyre racks, frame racks, shelf racks even mezzanine etc, it is a good choice for auto 4s shops

    and car factories.


  • Tyre Rack

    Tyre Rack is a kind of auto shelf and use widely, it makes storage and retrieval of different brands

    and sizes easy whilst maintaining inventory control. Either single ground level only or two-tier with

    walkways, allowing staff to access tyres individually for rapid customer service.