Wire Decking for racks

Wire Decking for racks

Wire Decking is a part that used in the racks, it can avoid the goods

fall down and it has large capacity.

Sales service:
1. We offer complete design service.
2. Confirming the drawing with customer.
After sales service:
1.The warranty period is one year (starting from the date of order).
Any defect in quality, the Supplier shall cover the corresponding losses.
2. For the defects caused the willful damage or negligence use of equipment,
the Supplier shall instruct the user to repair it.





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Wire Decking for racks

1. Galvanized finish or power coasted finish
2. 1.5″ waterfall front and rear
3. Build products to your specifications
4. 500~1500Lbs for loading capacity
5. Operation will be effected for overhead sprinklers
6. Easy to handle by light weight
7. No nails or splinters

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